The State Council of Science Technology & Environment (SCSTE), Meghalaya, established on January 30, 1995, under the Meghalaya Societies Registration Act, 1983, is dedicated to harnessing science and technology for comprehensive state development. Functioning as a registered entity, its core mission involves the identification, formulation, execution, coordination, and follow-up of science and technology programs and schemes in Meghalaya. By aligning with this mandate, the council strives to address diverse aspects of state development through the strategic application of scientific and technological advancements. SCSTE plays a pivotal role in ensuring the effective utilization of these tools for the overall progress of Meghalaya.


Constituted by the Government of Meghalaya on the 30th January, 1995 and was registered under the Meghalaya Societies Registration Act, 1983.


To ensure effective utilization of Science & Technology for all round development of the State.


To identify, formulate, execute/coordinate and follow up the programmes/schemes for the state on various aspects of Science and Technology.


    • To formulate State policies on various aspects of Science & Technology which are in the interest of the State and the country.
    • To prepare Science and Technology plans for the State.
    • To execute / implement schemes on Science and Technology of the State Govt, Govt. of India, North Eastern Council and other concerned Departments/Bodies.
    • To provide directions for the popularization of science and Technology in the State, especially amongst students and youth.
    • To advice the State Govt. on policies and measures to promote Science & Technology and its utilization for achievement of socio-economic objectives.
    • To promote closer co-operation between various scientific agencies on one hand and the developmental agencies and departments of the state Government on the other.
    • To take necessary steps which are relevant to the application of Science & Technology to the specific problems of the State.
    • To establish or assist in the establishment of the infrastructure, institutions, organization, etc. necessary to achieve the aforesaid objectives


* Chairman of Governing Body: Hon’ble Chief Minister, Government of Meghalaya

* Chairman of Executive Council: Principal Secretary, Planning Department, Govt. of Meghalaya

CORE Programmes OF SCSTE


The State Council of Science Technology & Environment (SCSTE) in Meghalaya is at the forefront of scientific research and the development of appropriate technology. Dedicated to socio-economic development, the mission of this programme is to enhance living conditions by introducing and promoting technologies tailored to the region's needs. SCSTE facilitates grassroots exposure to societal technologies, conducts awareness programmes, and provides training to build local capacities. The Council aims to empower individuals, popularize successful technologies, and encourage science and technology integration in the activities of local non-governmental organizations (NGOs), self-help groups (SHGs), and community assemblies (Durbars).


The Popularization of Science Programme by the State Council of Science Technology & Environment (SCSTE) in Meghalaya is driven by multifaceted goals. Primarily, it seeks to instill a scientific temper in the general public, with a special emphasis on school children, fostering the growth of scientifically inclined citizens. The programme also aims to raise environmental awareness, particularly among students, and popularize science and technology at the grassroots level. Through exposure to the latest advancements, it aspires to generate curiosity and a sense of enjoyment in learning science, supplementing classroom teachings. Additionally, the programme focuses on building capacities and competencies among both teachers and students, propagating a scientific culture in rural areas, and motivating the youth to pursue science as a career.


The Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Development Programme initiated by the State Council of Science Technology & Environment (SCSTE) in Meghalaya is a dynamic endeavor to empower unemployed youths, particularly those with a science and technology background. This program serves a dual purpose: first, by exposing participants to innovative and emerging technologies, it equips them with the knowledge necessary for commercial ventures. Second, the EDP programme is a catalyst for motivating and supporting these individuals to pursue self-employment opportunities rooted in science and technology. Additionally, the program strategically identifies and encourages technology-oriented activities with the potential for successful enterprise setup, contributing to both economic growth and individual empowerment.


The Specific Projects Programme, spearheaded by the State Council of Science Technology & Environment (SCSTE) in Meghalaya, embodies a targeted approach to address local challenges through scientific and technological interventions. This initiative is characterized by its focus on three key elements: the identification of region-specific problems requiring S&T interventions, the implementation of action research activities to delve into societal issues, and the development of scientific solutions tailored to address local challenges. By aligning with the unique needs of the state, SCSTE's Specific Projects Programme contributes to the practical application of science and technology, fostering impactful solutions for the betterment of the local community.


The Remote Sensing Application Programme by the State Council of Science Technology & Environment (SCSTE) in Meghalaya signifies a strategic integration of advanced technologies for scientific and technological progress. It focuses on utilizing Remote Sensing Application-based technologies for diverse S&T projects, providing a valuable tool for data gathering and informed decision-making. Additionally, the program employs GIS techniques to map and analyze Science and Technology applications in rural areas, contributing to targeted interventions for development. The establishment of a GIS laboratory further underscores SCSTE's commitment to enhancing educational opportunities, offering students practical exposure to spatial data analysis. In essence, this initiative underscores the council's dedication to leveraging technology for comprehensive societal benefit.


The Library and Documentation initiative by the State Council of Science Technology & Environment (SCSTE) in Meghalaya stands as a cornerstone for the dissemination and documentation of scientific knowledge. This program is dedicated to making science and technology accessible to the public and students, utilizing a comprehensive library as a valuable resource. SCSTE further extends its commitment by producing informative materials such as brochures and leaflets, outlining the council's schemes and programs for public benefit. Additionally, the initiative focuses on systematically documenting the impact of Science and Technology applications in the state, as well as capturing and showcasing innovative endeavours within Meghalaya. This holistic approach underscores SCSTE's dedication to promoting knowledge, transparency, and advancements in the field.