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The State Council of Science Technology & Environment (SCSTE), Meghalaya, established on January 30, 1995, under the Meghalaya Societies Registration Act, 1983, is dedicated to harnessing science and technology for comprehensive state development. Functioning as a registered entity, its core mission involves the identification, formulation, execution, coordination, and follow-up of science and technology programs and schemes in Meghalaya. By aligning with this mandate, the council strives to address diverse aspects of state development through the strategic application of scientific and technological advancements. SCSTE plays a pivotal role in ensuring the effective utilization of these tools for the overall progress of Meghalaya.

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Season Watch

It is a study of the change of seasons through the monitoring of seasonal cycle of flowering, fruiting, and leaf-flushing of common trees. It is a Nationwide program under National Centre for Biological Studies, Bangalore that is being participated by many individuals and schools across the Country.

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M: Meghalaya Y: Youth – S: Specific P: Project A: Aimed at C: Creating E: Entrepreneurs

In spite of rich natural resource base and the opportunities that come along with it, substantial population of the State particularly in the rural areas has to still grapple with very low incomes. Clearly it portrays the case of poverty amidst plenty. About half the people of Meghalaya live below the poverty line (Meghalaya State Planning Board, 2009). 

The State’s rural population is heavily dependent upon the natural resources for livelihood support. However, pressure on natural resources due to increased needs, unsustainable resource utilization, etc. warrant putting in place a developmental framework that ensures sustainable livelihoods, gainful employment opportunities, and inclusive growth. Thus these is a present need to set-up an incubators centre to enhance the entrepreneurship skills of the youth in the state with special focus on local resources. The State plans to set-up an Incubator to foster new ideas towards entrepreneurship in areas of native skills such as blacksmithy, pottery, handicraft and natural dyes.

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