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Registration extended till May 31, 2024 only for JEE & NEET has been closed

STAR 30 student registration form

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Guiding Aspirations for NEET/JEE exams: under this initiative, annual residential coaching facilities are being initiated for 30 students per cohort from across Meghalaya, especially from rural areas for aspirants to be able to prepare and clear the NEET/JEE examinations. STAR 30 will offer residential coaching facilities for students who have completed 12th standard, providing dedicated mentorship from expert resource persons.

Preferred student profile

  • Would be completing 12th exam in 2024 or has completed in 2023 or earlier.
  • Willing to stay in the residential campus for the entire duration starting from July 2024 and extending up to NEET 2025
  • Would not have access to mobile phones or any technological devices other than those provided by the institution if any, for study purposes.
  • Agree to abide by the guidelines provided for the preparation during the program.
  • Agree to participate in all activities and training provided as a part of the program. (Fitness, health routines, study cycles, class schedules etc)
  • Communication with parents and family will be periodically facilitated unless emergencies demand otherwise.

I have read the ideal student profile and I promise that my profile matches the ideal student profile to the best of my knowledge

In which year will you be completing your 12th exam or have already completed

Area of interest NEET/JEE